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Aug 2005

Creating an employer report that shows employee limits and balances of sick and vacation hours

Creating an employee memo that shows balances of sick and vacation hours

Help with Sales tax return data

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This newsletter is intended to educate QuickBooks users.  An archive of newsletters is at www.absolutebusinesssolutions.us.


Creating an employer report that shows employee limits and balances of sick and vacation hours

  1. Choose Reports.
  2. In QuickBooks 2000 and later choose Employees & Payroll. In QuickBooks 99 choose List Reports > Employee.
  3. Choose Employee Contact List (Contact List in QuickBooks 99).
  4. Users of QuickBooks 2001 and later, choose Modify Report. Users of QuickBooks 99 and 2000 choose Customize.
  5. Remove Phone, SS No., and Address from the report by removing the checkmark. QuickBooks 99 users skip to step 9.
  6. Users of QuickBooks 2003 and 2004, remove Gender from the report by removing the checkmark.
  7. Scroll down the Columns list to Date of Last Check (Last Pay Period End in QuickBooks 2002 and 2003).
  8. Select Date of Last Check to add the column to the report. (Last Pay Period End in QuickBooks 2002 and 2003).
  9. Scroll down the Columns list to Sick Limit.
  10. Select Sick Limit to add the column to the report.
  11. Add more columns to the report by selecting Sick Rate, Sick Accrued, Sick Used, Vacation Limit, Vacation Rate, Vacation Accrued, and Vacation Used.
  12. Users of QuickBooks 99 and 2000:
    1. choose OK to close Customize Report.
    2. then choose Format.
  13. Choose Header/Footer.
  14. In Report Title enter Employee Sick/Vacation Hours.
  15. Choose OK to close Header/Footer.
  16. Users of QuickBooks 99 and 2000 choose OK to close Format Report.
  17. Choose Print.
  18. Choose Landscape.
  19. Select the checkbox 'Fit report to 1 page wide.'
  20. Choose Preview.
  21. Choose Print.
  22. Choose Memorize.
  23. Choose OK to save the memorized report name as Employee Sick/Vacation Hours.


  • The next time you need to run an updated report, choose Reports > Memorized Reports > Employee Sick/Vacation Hours.

Creating an employee memo that shows balances of sick and vacation hours

QuickBooks 2005 will be more streamline than listed.  Instructions were written for 2004.

1.       In QuickBooks 2000 and later choose Company. In QuickBooks 99 choose Activities.
2.       Choose Write Letters.
3.       Choose Design QuickBooks Letters.
4.       Choose Next.
5.       Choose View or Edit Existing Letters.
6.       Choose Next.
7.       Choose Employees > Vacation accrued.
8.       Choose Edit Letter to launch MS Word.
9.       Move to the end of the first sentence "...hours of vacation accrued."
10.   Type "You have " with a space after 'have.'
11.   Press Ctrl+B to bold the merge field.
12.   Choose Insert Employee Name Fields from the QuickBooks Employee Letter Fields menu.
13.   Choose Sick Hours Available to insert the merge field.
14.   Press Ctrl+B to end bold of the merge field.
15.   Type " hours of accrued sick time." with a space before ' hours.' The memo now says, "You have <<SickAvail>> hours of accrued sick time."
16.   Choose File > Save As.
17.   In File name enter 'Sick & Vacation accrued.doc.'
18.   Choose Save.
19.   Choose File > Exit to close MS Word.
20.   In QuickBooks 2000 and later choose Company. In QuickBooks 99 choose Activities.
21.   Choose Write Letters.
22.   Choose Prepare Another Type of Letter.
23.   Choose Next.
24.   Choose Employees > Sick & Vacation accrued.
25.   Choose Next.
26.   Choose Both to include active and inactive employees.
27.   Choose Next.
28.   Enter your Name (for instance, Tom Ferguson).
29.   Enter your Title (for instance, President).
30.   Choose Create Letters.
31.   MS Word opens with your company information (for instance, Rock Castle Construction).
32.   MS Word creates a page for each employee (for instance, Dan Miller, Elizabeth N. Mason, and Gregg O. Schneider).
33.   In MS Word, choose File > Print > OK.
34.   In MS Word, choose File > Exit.
35.   Choose Yes if you want to save the memos.
36.   Enter a descriptive filename (for instance, Sick&VacationMemos.doc).
37.   Choose Save.

Tip: QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Integration

·         QuickBooks 99 and later integrates with MS Word 97, 2000, or 2002.
·         QuickBooks Basic does not integrate with MS Word.
·         The next time you need to print sick and vacation memos for your employees, repeat steps 20-37.

Non-Taxable Freight and Labor - Sales Tax  

QuickBooks® Financial Software has a great Sales Tax tracking and payment module when used properly.  I found an easy way to compile totals for non-taxable Freight that is on your customers sales invoices and segregating labor from non-taxable sales totals.  

  • Go to your Freight or Shipping charge item in the item list
  • Edit the item
  • Type in the tax code FGT and create new “Freight” code


  • Go to your service or labor items
  • Edit the item(s)
  • Type in the tax code LBR and create new “Non-Taxable Labor” code

At the end of the month when you run the Sales Tax Liability report, double click into the detail on the Total Sales grand total.  You get a detailed transaction report segregating labor and freight from non-taxable sales.

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