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January 2006


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This newsletter is intended to educate QuickBooks users.  An archive of newsletters is at www.absolutebusinesssolutions.us.


QuickBooks 2006 Release 7 (R7) for Windows - All Editions

This release applies to all Windows versions of QuickBooks 2006.  R7 is available for manual download, with the Auto Update available in July.  In a limited number of internal test cases the error Unable to Apply Patch sometimes with the error coded 1612 or 1603 occurred.  Intuit's Knowledge Base has an article at www.quickbooks.com/support/faqs/qb2006/5b7ebb61.html to resolve the problem.  R7 includes all updates thus far on 2006 software.   

Go to www.absasap.com, click the Help button and call 847-781-0000.

The data transferred is encrypted at the hosts' computer, sent secure, then the technicians' computer decrypts the data.  When connection is made the technician/instructor and the user/trainee can share the mouse, but not at the same time.  

QuickBooks support and training is more efficient and cost effective than onsite training.  Get a QuickBooks data check up.  I will diagnose and correct QuickBooks file set ups and data entry issues.  

I create custom reports in QuickBooks.  Many QuickBooks users rely on Excel reports for critical business information, when QuickBooks already contains all the information they need.  All they need is a proper report to pull the desired information.

Rate Decrease

Effective January 1, 2006, telephone support and live online technical support will be $65.00 per hour, billed by minutes used.  Take advantage of the 13% savings.

QuickBooks 2006 

1.  Release 5 - QuickBooks 2006 Multi-Users, error discovered 3/10/06 in release (5).  The situation may arise after updating QuickBooks 2006 to Release 5 and attempt to open a data file while two or more users are logged in.  The next time the data file is opened you will receive an error message, "This data file cannot be used because it is not completely updated. Please restore your backup."  Although you can not access QuickBooks, your data file is not damaged.  Please refer to this support link or call 847-781-0000 for further assistance.  http://www.quickbooks.com/support/faqs/qb2006/72780abd.html

2. QuickBooks 2006 Multi-user installation guide http://quickbooks.com/support/networking/downloads/QuickBooks%202006%20Network%20Installation%20Guide.pdf

3.  The system requirements for QuickBooks 2006 are:
Processor, memory, and disk space

  • At least 500 MHz (1 GHz recommended) Intel® Pentium® II (or equivalent) computer
  • At least 128 MB (512 MB recommended) of RAM
  • 800 MB Hard Disk space required to install the application. Additional space required for data files

Disk space requirements for additional software

  • 70 MB for Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0, provided on QuickBooks CD
  • 150 MB for Microsoft® .NET Framework CLR 1.1, provided on QuickBooks CD
  • 9 MB for Timer

Additional hardware and software

  • Microsoft® Windows 2000, or XP operating system
  • 2x CD-ROM drive
  • 256-color SVGA monitor with a resolution optimized for 1024x768 (800 x 600 minimum supported) with 96 DPI size fonts (called Normal fonts in Windows XP and called Small fonts in Windows 2000)
Integration/compatibility requirements
QuickBooks is compatible with the following products, which are each sold separately.
  • If you plan to use features that integrate with Microsoft® Word
    or Microsoft® Excel (such as writing letters or exporting reports), you need Microsoft® Word 2000, 2002, or 2003 or Microsoft® Excel 2000, 2002, or 2003. (More RAM enhances the use of these features.)
  • If you want to synchronize with contact management software, you need either:
    • Microsoft® Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, or 2003
    • Symantec ACT!TM version 3.08, 4.02, or Interact 2000
    • Compatible with QuickBooks Customer Manager v2.0 and QuickBooks Client Manager v2.0
    • Compatible with QuickBooks Point-of-Sale 5.0
    • Business Planner functionality requires Adobe® Acrobat® 5.0, 6.0, or 7.0
    • Payroll and online features/services require Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps connection speed

Multi-user installation requirements
Multi-user mode is optimized for Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 client-server networks, and Windows 2000/XP peer-to-peer networks. Novell NetWare® is supported but not recommended.

Network File Storage Requirements
These system requirements cover the situation where a machine or server is used to store QuickBooks data files in a network environment where files are stored on one machine and accessed on another. The machine used for storing QuickBooks files must be a Windows 2000/Windows XP or Windows 2003 server.

New Easy Estimator by QuickBooks 

Intuit has created an estimating software that works outside of QuickBooks.  The benefit is for a company that wants to use their customer and item lists to create an estimate for a client or prospect, but do not want to overload their QuickBooks data file with Estimates that are never accepted.  Easy Estimator will allow you to use the customer list and item list.  When the estimate turns into an order, the estimate is exported from Easy Estimator into your QuickBooks file.  You can continue to invoice and create purchase orders from the imported estimate.  This product is coming out in the Spring of 2006.  Pricing not published.

For more information on QuickBooks software, training, configuration and support, call Cheryl Wehofer at Absolute Business Solutions, Inc. in Hoffman Estates, IL, 847-781-0000.


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